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Good afternoon!

Effects after marma massage:

The face turned pink, a healthy blush on the cheeks,

The lower jaw relaxed and the bite became normal. Because the head went forward due to incorrect posture, the muscles of the neck and face were tense. After the marma massage, I saw that the face became geometrically more correct.

The shoulders relaxed and sank

I felt that the lower abdominal muscles tightened and held the lower abdomen. Previously, she could only control the muscles of the press.

The load on my knees has decreased when I climb the stairs.

The arch of the foot rose, the leg became less flattened and it became easier to walk

The tightness on the left in the lumbar region is felt less, but it has not gone away. I feel some tension.

But there are obvious positive changes in posture.

I haven't purchased honey/drugs yet.

- Dr. Varun's client - sent as a personal message


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