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        Ayurveda is considered as the upaveda (subsection) of Atharvaveda. The Ayurvedic knowledge is a gift to the whole mankind. Our Creator imparted it to human beings through ancient messengers and sages. The Vedas namely Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Atharvaveda has various quotes related to Ayurveda.   Ayurveda is divided into eight branches for easy understanding. They are namely, ·          Kayachikitsa ( General medicine) ·          Balachikitsa or Kaumarabruthya ( Pediatrics) ·          Gruha chikitsa or Manasika chikitsa ( Mind related disorder treatment department similar to psychiatry) ·          Urdhwanga chikitsa or Salakya Tantra ( Diseases above head treatment department equivalent to ENT department) ·          Shalya Chikitsa ( Surgery) ·          Dhamshtra chikitsa or Visha chikitsa ( Toxicology ) ·          Jara Chikitsa ( Geriatrics) and ·          Vrisha chikitsa or Vajikaranam ( Aphrodisiac treatment) Etymology of Ayurveda   Ayurve