Herbs for headache/ Ayurveda treatment headache

 Herbs for headache/ Ayurveda treatment headache 

  Head Ache is a major health condition faced by the global population. Ayurveda categorises head ache as Sirorujam. Ayurveda for headache management includes identifying the cause and application of treatment principles based on the mis-balances present. Dr.Varun Ram Raj the best Ayurveda doctor manages head ache through diet, herbal preparations, Ayurvedic procedures and rejuvenation procedures. Based on the dosha involved he have designed Ayurvedic management with high success rates in all types of head aches. The herbs for headache used by Doctor Varun includes Haritaki, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Bhunimba, Nimba , Nisha and Gudoochi. He is prescribing individual diet and herbal intake plan for head ache after individual assessment through pulse analysis or his direct analysis method. The years experience in his treatment is giving amazing results in the management of head ache through Ayurveda

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