Acidity, Causes, Symptoms, Home remedies and Ayurvedic treatment for acidity

  Acidity, also called acid reflux, it is a condition that is characterised by heartburn felt around the lower chest area. It is a common condition that occurs when stomach acid flows back up into the food pipe. According to Ayurveda Acidity is called as Amlapitta. 

In comparison to acidity, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a more serious form of acid reflux.

  Acidity is caused due to excess production of acid in the stomach by the gastric glands. Factors that cause acidity include:

Unhealthy eating habits, stress and side effects of certain medications may also lead to acidity. 

Over salty food, excess spicy food, untimely food, processed food, low dietary fibre intake etc. may lead to the condition of acidity. 

 The main Acidity symptoms are chest pain and burning sensation below the breastbone. The other symptoms include, 

- bad smell from mouth, nausea, stomach pain, indigestion, restlessness, frequent burping, regurgitation etc. 

Note: If not treated properly it may lead to  oesophageal ulcer and gastric inflammation, but do not worry acidity is a treatable condition.

According to Ayurveda, 

  A proper Diet, Ayurvedic herbal intake, detox therapies, stress relief methods and proper sleep helps in the management of acidity. 

Home remedies for Acidity:

Intake of 

1. Raisins water - soak 20 gram of raisins in 300 ml room temperature water for a period of 1 hour and take it in the empty stomach. Take this regularly for a period of 2 weeks and it will help in bettering acidity. 

2. Coconut water - drinking coconut water regularly in the empty stomach helps in bettering acidity. 

3. Sweet fruit teas like Pear tea helps in bettering the condition of acidity and ulcer. 

  As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure” it is better to avoid all the causative factors of acidity for a fast recovery. 

1. Avoid excessive salty, oily, sour and spicy foods

2. Avoid heavy and untimely food

3. Avoid or reduce smoking and alcohol intake

4. Follow mental relaxation techniques and 

5. Manage a proper sleeping habit for fast recovery from acidity. 

Ayurveda has two line of treatment for Acidity:

They are 

  1. Herbal intake plan and 
  2. Detox therapies 

The treatment must be planned based on individual dosha assessment through a pulse analysis. 

The major herbal combinations used in the management of acidity are,

-  Yashtimadhu 

  • Triphala

-  Avipathikar churna 

-  Guloochyadi Kashaya  etc. 

  The  detox or Panchakarma treatment includes the stomach cleansing method Vamana and the intestine cleansing method of Virechana. 

 As the treatment is individualistic, the time of recovery also is having individualistic nature. In general a period 2-3 moths will be required for a complete recovery. 

Note: Acid reflux or acidity is a common condition and which is the backflow of stomach contents into the esophagus. The feeling of acid reflux is heartburn: a mild burning sensation in the mid-chest, often occurring after meals or when lying down. In comparison to acidity, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a more serious form of acid reflux.

Be Always healthy! 

Thank you! 

Dr.Varun Ram Raj 

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