Tulasi Arkam : The immune system care herbal combination from Ayurvedatarian


Tulasi Arkam 

  • Natural Detoxifier 
  • Maintains blood glucose 
  • Immune system booster and
  • Maintains respiratory system health 



  • Respiratory system disorders
  • Anti-microbial actions especially in certain infections 
  • Common cold
  • Head ache
  • Natural water purifier

FSSAI No. 10020063001785

Method of usage:

1-2 drops in a glass of water (90 ml) or with tea, 4-5 times daily or as per directed by the Ayurvedic doctor 


Vana Tulasi 

Marua Tulasi 

Rama Tulasi 

Krishna Tulasi 

Karpoora Tulasi 


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