Lasuna: The herb which can add an immediate cure


    Lasuna(Garlic) is a common ingredient in the cuisine across the globe. Lasuna also known as Rasona is a highly potent herb and is used to cure many health conditions. The name Lasuna is given to the herb a because of the fast action as well as potency. Garlic (Lasuna) is also used as an excellent rejuvenation agent. Dr. Varun Ram Raj of Ayurvedatarian uses the herb Lasuna for the treatment of joint disorders like rheumatoid arthritis as the herb is Vata, Kapha and Amadosha alleviating in nature. According to Ayurveda, the joint disorders are mainly caused by aggravated Vata dosha. Hence Lasuna helps in reducing the condition by pacifying Vata dosh and the other above mentioned factors. Modern day research studies shown that the herb contains Phyto-constituents like allyl propyl disulphide, diallyl disulphide etc. which are helpful for joint mobility and general stimulation respectively. 

General aspects and geography

Botanical name : Allium sativum   

Family :  Liliaceae 

Habitat: Cultivated through out India

Parts used

  • Bulb

Classical categorization based on Ayurveda textbooks

Charaka Samhita – Not mentioned 

Susruta Samhita – Not mentioned 

Pharmacological action

  • Carminative 
  • Stimulant 
  • Rubefacient (Causes redness)
  • Aphrodisiac 
  • Anthelmintic 

Medicinal property according to Ayurveda

  • Brumhana (Increases strength)
  • Vrishya ( Aphrodisiac)
  • Visaghna (Antipoisonous)
  • Kandughna (Beneficial for reducing itching)
  • Kushtaghna (Used for treating skin disorders)
  • Jwaraghna (Reduces fever)

Therapeutic indications

  • Rheumatoid arthritis (Amavata)- The decoction of Lasuna and Ginger is taken at a dose of 90 ml per day to alleviate Rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Fever with indigestion and intermittent nature(Vishama jwara) – Lasuna is taken internally with oil in case of fever


Paste (Kalka) – 5 g

Juice (Swarasa)- 10 ml

Tablet - 2 tablets twice daily or as per the advice of the Ayurveda doctor 

Note: Ayurveda medications must be taken only after consulting an Ayurveda doctor. 


  • Rasona kalka
  • Lasuna kshira  
  • Lasunadya ghrtha 
  • Lasunadya taila

Morphology :

   An erect herb usually grown from small bulbs. Real stem is very short. Leaves are 4-10 and glabrous. Inflorescence is spherical umbel. Flowers are poorly developed or absent. Fruits are abortive and seedless.

Vernacular names of  Lasuna

English – Garlic

Hindi- Lasan

Malayalam – Vellulli or veluthulli

Sanskrit – Rasona

Synonyms of Lasuna

  • Rasona
  • Ugraganda
  • Mahoushadham
  • Arishta

Rasapanchaka of Lasuna

Rasa- Tikta (bitter) Katu (Acrid), Madhura(Sweet), Lavana(Salt), Kashaya(Astringent )

Guna-  Snigdha (Oily)

Vipaka- Katu (Acrid)

Virya-  Ushna (hot)

रसोनो बृंहणो वृष्यः स्निग्धोष्णः पाचनः सरः

रसे पाके कटुकस्तीक्ष्णो मधुरको मतः ।।

(Bhavaprakasa Nighantu -Haritakyadi varga-shloka 221)

    Lasuna is Vata Kapha reducing in nature due to its hot potency and Acrid taste. Lasuna is an excellent nourishing herb and is used in many Rasayana oushadhis (Rejuvenation combinations). The herb is used to treat numerous diseases including Rheumatoid arthritis, Fever, Heart disorders etc. Ayurvedatarian lead by Dr.Varun Ram Raj, is conducting various researches on the herbs as well other Ayurvedic combinations, which is helping the global population with high quality Ayurvedic medications. Follow Ayurveda and stay healthy always.

Researches on Lasuna



Frequently asked Questions

1) What are the uses of Lasuna?

 Lasuna is highly suggested in the conditions with aggravation of Vata and Kapha dosha. The conditions in which Lasuna is used are Amavata (Rhematoid Arthritis), Indigestion, Heart disorders, Hyperlipidemia and fever.

2)What is the dose of Lasuna tablet?

  1-2 tablets daily is the general dosage of Lasuna tablet. All tablets including Lasuna must be taken only after consulting an Ayurveda doctor. 


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