Punarnava: The right herbal choice to maintain the proper water balance within our body



        Punarnava is an abundantly found medicinal herb found all over India. In English, the herb is called as ‘Spreading Hogweed’. According to Ayurvedic textbooks, Punarnava is an excellent rejuvenation giving herb and used as an ingredient in many Rasayana oushadhis (Rejuvenation formulations). Dr.Varun Ram Raj of Ayurvedatarian uses the herb Punarnava in inflammatory conditions and to reduce swelling due to the Vata and Kapha dosha pacifying properties. The decoction and single herb tablet made up of Punarnava is found to be useful to treat Sotha (Swelling) and Pandu(Anaemia). As per the modern researches, plant contains Punarnavine, Tetracosanoic and Ursolic acid which supports the diuretic and laxative property.


Botanical name : Boerhavia diffusa   

Family :  Nyctaginaceae 

Habitat: Found through out India


  • Roots and whole plant 


Charaka Samhita – Kasahara varga (Alleviates Cough )

Susruta Samhita – Vidarigandhadi gana


  • Stomatic- acting over the mouth or mouthlike parts
  • Expectorant 
  • Diuretic 
  • Laxative 
  • Febrifuge 

Medicinal property according to Ayurveda

  • Rasayana (Rejuvenation property)
  • Dipana ( carminative )
  • Balya (Promotes strength)
  • Pandughna (reduces anaemia)
  • Kasahara (alleviates cough )
  • Swayathuhara(Cures swelling)


  • Oedema (Sotha)- Kalka (Paste) or tablet prepared from Punarnava and Ginger is taken along with milk to alleviate oedema.
  • Calculus (Asmari)- Punarnava is cooked with milk and is taken internally to reduce calculus.
  • Haemoptysis (Raktakshtivana)- Red rice is cooked with Punarnava, Grapes, Milk, Ghee and  non-refined sugar and is taken internally.


Powder (Churna) – 5 g

Decoction (Kashaya)- 90 ml

Juice (Swarasa)- 10-20 ml

Tablet - 2 tablets twice daily or as per the advice of the Ayurveda doctor 

Note: Ayurveda medications must be taken only after consulting an Ayurveda doctor. 


  • Punarnavadi churna
  • Punarnavadi taila
  • Punarnavadi kwatha
  • Punarnavasava 

Morphology :

    An annual herb with prostrate glabrous stem. Leaves are unequal and greenish. Inflorescence is terminal panicle. Flowers are pink in color.



English – Spreading Hogweed

Hindi- Beshakapore

Malayalam – Thazhuthama 



  • Varshabhu 
  • Swethamula
  • Visakha
  • Rakthapushpika



Rasa-  Tikta (bitter) 

Guna-  Laghu (light)

Vipaka- Katu (acrid)

Virya- Sita (cold)

पुनर्नवाऽरुणा तिक्ता कटुपाका हिमा लघुः

वातला ग्राहिणो श्लेष्मपित्तरक्तविनाशिनी ।।

(Bhavaprakasa Nighantu – Guducyadi varga- Shloka no 233)

  Punarnava alleviates Vata and Kapha doshas due to its properties like Ushna virya (heat potency) and Katu vipaka (the unique spicy taste formed after digestion). The plant is found to be an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and used in conditions like Swayathu (Swelling). Ayurvedatarian conducts many research studies on the herb to fully understand the medicinal property based on doshas as well on the modern aspects for the alleviation diseases including Anaemia, Cough, heart diseases etc. Dr.Varun Ram Raj, is leading the research for Ayurvedatarian single herbs and herbal combinations for making the availability of high quality herbal as well as Ayurvedic products to the globe. 


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Frequently asked Questions

1) Is Punarnava good for reducing inflammation?

   Yes, According to Ayurveda, Punarnava in decoction form (Punarnavadi kwatha) and tablet form can be used to treat Inflammation successfully. 

2) What are the uses of Punarnavadi arishta ?

 Punarnavadi arishta is used to treat heart conditions and  Pandu (Anaemia). It should be taken in adequate dose under the supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic physician.

3) Can Punarnava be used to reduce the excess water from the body?

   According to Ayurveda, Punarnava is used in reducing excess water from the body. The powder of the plant is taken certain other herbs like Amla is found to exhibit excellent results in maintaining the proper water balance in the body. 


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