Haritaki: The master herb in healing


   Haritaki -commonly known as Chebulic myrobalan is one of most potent medicinal herb ever found on Earth. The fruit of the plant can be used to treat numerous diseases and is used in the preparation of a large number of Yogas(Combination of Herbs ). According to Ayurvedic textbook, Haritaki is an excellent Rejuvanation herb and used as an ingredient in many Rasayana oushadhis (Rejuvanation formulations). Dr.Varun Ram Raj of Ayurvedatarian uses the herb Haritaki successfully in reducing conditions like Arsas(Haemorrhoids ), Vibandha(Constipation ) etc. due to the Anuloma( directing of Vata dosha). It is also considered to have effect on other doshas in providing a balance to them and leads to the cure of diseases. The herb can be also used to treat diseases like Cough, Diabetes, Vomiting etc. The fruit of the plant contains Phytoconstituents like tannins, chebulic acid etc which help the plant to act as an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent.

General aspects and geography

Botanical name : Terminalia chebula    

Family :  Combretaceae 

Habitat: Found through out India

Parts used

  • Fruits

Classical categorization based on Ayurveda Textbooks

Charaka Samhita – Kasahara varga (Alleviates Cough )

Susruta Samhita – Amalakyadi gana

Pharmacological action

  • Purgative 
  • Antimicrobial 
  • Cardio tonic 
  • Hypotensive 
  • Anti-stress 

Medicinal property according to Ayurveda

  • Rasayana (Rejuvanative property)
  • Dipana ( carminative  )
  • Balya (Promotes strength)
  • Chardighna (reduces Vomiting )
  • Kasahara (alleviates cough )
  • Jawarahara(Cures fever )

Therapeutic indications

  • Duodenal ulcer(Parinama sula) – The powder of Haritaki is taken along with Jaggery and sugar to alleviate Duodenal ulcer.
  • Constipation (Vibandha)- Haritaki is taken internally after mixing it with jaggery relives constipation 
  • Haemorrhoids or Piles (Arsas) – Haritaki is kept in cow’s urine for sometime and then taken along with Jaggery to check Piles.


Powder (Churna) – 5 g

Decoction (Kashaya)- 60 ml

Juice (Swarasa)- 10-20 ml

Tablet - 2 tablets twice daily or as per the advice of the Ayurveda doctor 

Note: Ayurveda medications must be taken only after consulting an Ayurveda doctor. 


  • Thriphala churna
  • Abhayarishta
  • Haritakyadi kwatha
  • Dasamula haritaki

Morphology :

   Moderate to large sized tree with oblong shaped glabrous leaves. The inflorescence is of spike type. Flowers are dull white or yellowish. Fruits are pendulous drupe with oblong seeds.

Vernacular names of  Haritaki


English – Chebulic myrobalan 

Hindi- Harad

Malayalam – Kadukka 

Synonyms of Haritaki


  • Abhaya 
  • Amrtha
  • Pathya
  • Jeevanthi

RasapanchakaHaritaki- Ayurvedic Pharmacology


Rasa-All rasas except Lavana(Salt)

Guna-  Laghu (light)

Vipaka- Madhura (sweet)

Virya- ushna (hot)

हरीतकी पञ्चरसाऽलवणा तुवरा परम्

रूक्षोष्णा दीपनी मेध्या स्वादुपाका रसायनी ।।

चक्षुष्या लघुरायुष्या बृंहणीचानुलोमिनी

श्वासकासप्रमेहार्शः कुष्ठशोथोदरकृमीन् |

(Bhavaprakasa Nighantu – Haritakyadi varga- Shloka no 19-20)


  According to Ayurveda, Haritaki is one of the most effective medicinal herb on Earth. The plant can be used to treat numerous diseases like Respiratory disorders, Cough, Diabetes, Skin disorders, Worm infestations etc. This herb can be also used as an excellent Rejuvenation agent. Ayurvedatarian conducts many research studies on the herb for the alleviation of the aforementioned diseases. Dr Varun Ram Raj, is leading the research for Ayurvedatarian single herbs and herbal combinations for making the availability of high quality herbal as well as Ayurvedic products to the entire global population.  

Researches on Haritaki

Frequently asked Questions

1) Is Haritaki good for managing Vomiting?

   Yes, Haritaki powder is taken with honey checks vomiting temptation and it helps to digest the undigested food particles. 

2) What are the uses of Abhayarishta?

 Haritaki is the major ingredient of Abhayarishta. Abhayarishta can be used in conditions like Arsas(Piles), Vibanda(Constipation ) etc.  

3) Can Haritaki be used in worm infestation?

   According to Ayurveda, Haritaki can be used in worm infestation. The powder of the fruit is taken along with warm water is found to excellent results in  treating worm infestation. 


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