CoVid 19 and Ayurveda


 CoVid 19 is the term which is presently ruling this world. The west and modern medicine is trying hard to find a solution. Ayurveda have mentioned clear preventive measures as well as management measures for similar conditions. In general a viral infection may lead to the  misbalance of all the three doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

How to prevent CoVid 19 or How to reduce the severity of infection through Ayurveda?

Along with the external preventive measures followed by all,

Taking vegetarian diet or easy to digest food

Taking drinks like Tulsi tea, Curcuma tea or Ginger tea.

Taking preparations like Vilwadi gulika and Dooshivishari Agadam

Taking single herb tablets like Gudoochi ( Tinospora cordifolia) and Parparpataka (Hedyotis corymbosa) 

- are few among the preventive measures.

     The management measure are giving prime importance to digestive system and respiratory system

Fasting is the prime measure which should adopted in case of CoVid 19 infection or any infection which may lead to a condition which may generate temperature. After the fasting therapy, initially an individual can start with juices and slowly based on the improvement, one time meal a day and juice intake during the day can be followed. Once the situation is near to normalcy two time meal can be adopted along with taking enough fluids in the form of soups and juices.

Easy to digest food in the form of porridges added with spices like Ginger, Black pepper, Cumin seeds and Curcuma can be taken

Medications to maintain digestive system activity in normalcy should also be taken. The major medications for keeping digestive system and respiratory system in normalcy include

- Sudarshanam churnam

- Amrithotharam kwatham

- Indukantham kwatham

- Agasthya Rasayanam and

- Brahma Rasyanam- All these medications taken properly under the advice of a qualified Ayurveda doctor will help in maintaining the doshas in a state of balance.

External usage of Ayurveda preparation like Rasanadi churnam and Ginger water steam can also be adopted.

As an additional note,

    One must prepare individual plans after proper consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor. All doses of medicines must be fixed by an Ayurveda doctor. Avoid self medication in case of any diseases or conditions.

   The individual plans can be made in case of prevention as well as management of this condition.


What to do for recovery after the CoVid 19 infection?

   Rejuvenation measures in the form of Rasayanas like Chyavanprasham,  Brahmarasayana, Aswagandha etc. Can be taken after the proper cleansing of the body through intake of Triphala churna or similar measures. The post CoVid management is highly individualistic and  can be fixed after a proper Ayurveda consultation through online or direct method.

  From my personal experience, I am managing the post CoVid situations with the help of these medications,

- Indukantham kwatham or kashayam

- Dasamoolakatuthreyam kwatham or kashayam

- Tulsi tablet and 

- Sudarshanam tablet intake also can be continued during the period of Rasayana, or during post Covid 19 period. This combinations should be taken only after consulting a qualified Ayurveda doctor. 

For more queries you can reach me.

Dr.Varun Ram Raj.


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