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 There are five factors which helps in the Diagnosing in Ayurveda basis, they are
- Nidana ( etiology)
- Purvarupa( premonitory symptoms or prodromal symptoms symptoms)
- Rupa ( signs and symptoms)
- Upasaya ( Test medications and Confirmative tests are done and those which pacifies the disease are called Upasaya )
- Samprapti ( route of manifestation of disease explained in Ayurveda basis)
If the above five are known clearly , then the diagnosis will be a perfect one.
The cause of a disease is called as Nidana
Example: In a knee ligament injury of medial collateral ligament – a valgus force with abducting effect on the femur is the cause. In a fever , indigestion or external infection can become the cause for the disease.
The signs which predicts a disease before manifesting unique signs of that particular disease is called as Purvarupa.
Example : Lack of interest , Tiredness, Taste difference , Body aches , excess sleep can be seen as Prodromal symptoms or Premonitory symptoms
The unique manifested signs and symptoms of a particular disease is called as Rupa.
Example: a) In Fever- Body temperature above the normal level
b) In Jaundice- Yellowish discoloration
c)In Knee joint Arthritis – the swelling around knee joint and crepitus are the Rupa of the above diseases.
The test medications and confirmative tests made after observing the sign and symptoms of a disease , which reduces the intensity of diseases or which supports the cure of a disease is called as Upasaya and those medications and test increases the disease are called Anupasaya.
Example :
In case of fever associated with indigestion, cold water and having food again can be Anupasaya ( will increase fever) and hot water intake is an Upasaya ( action which reduces fever) . Hot water hasn Kapha humor pacifying effect , when Kapha is reduced , indigestion also will get corrected .
In a traumatic injury cold application over swelling becomes Upasaya and reduces swelling.
In Calcaneal spur Heated raw salt is an Upasaya , which reduces the pain over heel.
The route of Manifestation of a disease is called Samprapti. The complete explanation from the initial stage to the complete form of a disease is derived in Samprapti.
Example : Over intake of Pitta humor increasing factor by a person who uses alcohol in excess amount can lead to a stage of Fatty liver , then Fibrosis and in future to a condition called Liver Cirrhosis. The deriving route of manifestation of this condition from beginning to the final stage considering from the root cause is called as Samprapthi ( Can be correlated to Pathogenesis)
This five factors starting from Nidana to Samprathi is also called as Nidana Panchaka . If a doctor does perfect analysis on the above five factors , the final DIAGNOSIS will be 100% successful. Nidana Panchaka ( NIdana , Purvarupa, Rupa, Upasaya and Samprapti ) helps to find the prognosis , differential diagnosis and Final Diagnosis with precision. The doctor who is specialized in the assessment of above five factors can cure their patients by providing proper and needed treatment. One can become the master in Ayurveda with deep knowledge in Basic principles of Ayurveda , Nidana Panchaka and Perfect medicine knowledge.
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