Ayurveda Treatments


      Ayurveda has two treatment methods ,
-Shodhana ( expelling dosa from body through natural or man made openings) and
-Samana ( pacifying vitiated humor by means of medicines)
Shodana and Samana are equally important in Ayurveda. In Shodhana vitiated humors are expelled forcefully and in Samana , without expelling out, vitiated humors are pacified using medicines. This article contains the idea of the best Ayurveda doctor in India Dr.Varun Ram Raj

Shodana are of Five types –
- Vamana ( Emesis)
- Virechana( Purgation)
- Kashaya Vasthi ( Decoction enema)
- Nasyam ( Nasal drops)
- Rakta Moksham ( Blood letting)
Above five treatment methods all together is called as Pancha Vidha Sodhanam. In South side of India , Pancha Karma is more popular than Pancha Vidha Sodhana . In Pancha Karma , instead of Rakta Moksha (blood letting ) of Pancha Vidha Shodana , Sneha vasthi ( Medicated oil enema) is added .
So Pan
cha Karma has
- Vamana (Emesis)
- Virechana ( Purgation)
- Kashaya Vasthi ( Decoction enema)
- Sneha Vasthi ( Medicated Oil enema )
- Nasyam ( Nasal drops)
Pancha Vidha Shodana and Pancha Karma are done after Preparatory therapies ( Poorva karma) called Snehana ( Internal as well as external Oleation) and Svedana ( Sudation) . The procedures like Abhyanaga ( heated medicated oil massage on body ) , Kizhi ( heated medicine bags application on body) and Siro dhara ( Pouring of medicated oil in a proper pendulum motion over the forehead) and medicated steam bath( with oil applied on exposed surface of body) are some of the popular treatment procedures of Ayurveda from south part of India. Abhyanga , Kizh i, Sirodhara and medicated steam bath are the combination of Oleation and Sudation done at the same time. Post treatment measures like internal medication, food intake rules , rest and following advice of a doctor are also equally important . To get all the proper benefits of Ayurveda therapies always consult an Ayurveda doctor.


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