Ayurveda to attain the purposes of Life



Dharma_ Virtuos act
Artha_ wealth
Kama_ desire
Moksha_Eternity or Liberation
Are called as Purusharthas, or the supreme aim of a living being
Ayurveda is science which helps to attain this Purusharthas
In Ayurveda wholesome and unwholesome sides of life is clearly explianed, those who follow wholesome ideas can only attain Purusharthas.
Ayurveda explains all the ways to attain healthy life in mental as well as physical level. Health is the mental as well as physical well being of an individual.
How Purusharthas and health is connected?
Simple answer is_ To attain Purushartha one must follow Ayurveda and Ayurveda teaches how to stay healthy, so being healthy is one among the key to eternity.The ultimate root which leads to Purushartha is Arogyam or Health
                                                                            So follow Ayurveda, and stay healthy


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